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Paint the Town Red

Today's outfit is for the brave. I don't wear much red but when I really want to wear it, I wear it loud.

This year, I am really in love with ear muffs. Not only are they a fun accessory option but I absolutely hate it when the wind blows in my ears. I have really sensitive ears and will pull up my collar or cover my ears with my hands if I've forgotten a hat. I've learned to take my ear muffs with me everywhere. #thisis40

If you've enjoyed the fluffy, fuzzy jackets, I have too. This one is a super red. A paint the town red. There's something I enjoy about bright colors. I'm typically dressed in light neutrals and once in awhile, you gotta just plunge into something electric.

I kept the rest of my outfit pretty tame, striped shirt, my Hunter boots (which are a great snow option, especially when it's up to your knees), my same black fleece leggings and a few more funky accessories- sunglasses and some fluffy mittens.

Do you dare wear something so outrageous?


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