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Pinterest Challenges

Tonight is my last Pinterest look.  It has been interesting not knowing what I’m going to wear for the day until I’ve consulted the computer!  I’d love to tell you that this has been enlightening, but I think the word is challenging.  Reason #1- My closet doesn’t have the exact pieces depicted.  Reason #2- I find some of these outfits on the boring side.  There are stripes everywhere on Pinterest, but where are the other patterns?  If you want to dress in solid neutrals on a daily basis, Pinterest is a great place to go.  But I’m a color girl and lately a pattern girl and had some challenges finding what I really found inspiring on the pictures pinned on the site.  I guess it is up to me to find some fabulous outfits and pin! Tonight’s Pinterest look is pretty basic with a color twist.  However, I did not have a brown scarf, so I opted to stick with the black and white color palette and throw in another pattern.


My version: Top (Loft) Scarf? Jeans (Tommy Hilfiger) Boots (JCPenney) Earrings (Claires) So this is the last of the embarrassing photos.  When I’m dreaming up an outfit, I like seeing just the clothes against a white background.  It is easier than being distracted by how beautiful the model is, how their hair is, how thin they are and comparing yourself to them in the clothes.  It’s easier to imagine yourself in them!  But maybe you feel differently. What did you think of the real life photos?  Are they inspiring?  Or are you a “just-show-me-the-clothes” kind of girl like myself?


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