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Q&A- Big Wig

Help!  I am going to pretend to be a big-wig for a few days. And I need help creating a few real outfits! Jeans, yoga pants & hoodies aren’t gonna cut it!  I’ll be in meetings, mingling, casual but not jeans casual…I’ll maybe need one ‘nicer’ outfit for a recognition dinner I’m going to. Traveling the first day and then I head straight to registration. The next day is all-day meetings then a recognition dinner. Then another day of meetings and a casual social hour after everything. Then just a travel day home. I found lots of outfit ideas from your blog that I really like but I think I’m missing the right pieces.  I need help. First of all, there isn’t usually a need to go out and buy something new.  And this comes from the girl who would rush right out to find those exact pieces to create an outfit.  Let’s do our absolute best to work with what you have.


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