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Q&A- Family Pictures

I received the following question-

I’m having family picture taken early this fall.  What do you recommend that we wear?  We have three children.


Thank you for your question!  I really enjoy family pictures that include the same color scheme.  Try searching for your closets for a color you all can wear.  Add in a neutral if you don’t all have the same color and use accessories to coordinate.  Try to find some prints and not just solids to add visual interest.  Think about texture too- things the camera will pick up on.

Also consider your backdrop.  Will you be at the lake?  Maybe white and khaki would be cool and beachy.  If in a wooded area where the trees have turned, maybe some reds or oranges would be pretty.  I like pairing new and different colors together, like I did here with the navy and bright green.  It is more of a preppy look.

I hope they turn out gorgeous!


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