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Q&A- Five Things

I received the following question- Holly, what are the 5 things (besides unmentionables) you wear over and over again? I will tell you mine as well. 🙂 1. Zanadi (sp?) dark skinny jeans ($20 gordmans) 2. gray buckle boots ($34 Target) 3. Cardigan of any sort 4. Fun earrings nearly everyday 5. Mascara-every day!


Thanks for your question! Originally I was going to post your answer in my fun facts about me questions that I’ll be debuting soon, but I thought my answer would be best served in a post. Here are my five things I wear over and over again (just the dailies): 1) Makeup- It just doesn’t happen that I leave the house without it. Period.  2) Sweaters/cardigans/hoodies- I’m always chilly. 🙂 3) Earrings- If I’m not wearing earrings, I’m in a slump. They are like my underwear. They are essential. 4) A hat/hood and gloves/mittens- Rarely will I be seen without them. I guess my mama taught me right. (That and I have very sensitive ears after my ear drum ruptured once.) 5) This might be lame and a given, but my wedding ring- I don’t ever take it off unless I’m so pregnant it won’t fit.  Wow. Those were not very exciting. So here’s a different list of my five things I’m currently obsessed with: 1) My black over-the-knee riding boots- When I wear these, I feel very much like I’m in a Loft ad. 2) Fun spring coats- I’m so over my winter coats already! 3) Statement necklaces- I don’t have many, so they get rotated a lot! 4) My high-waisted flared leg jeans- I’m trying not to wear them more than twice a week! But it is so fun to relive the 70s. 5) Anything with a bright color- I’m pretty brave when it comes to fashion, even if it means that I’ll make a mistake or two (or three). Life is too short to wonder what other people will think of your clothing. Experiment and wear what you want! That list was much more fun! Holly


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