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Q&A-Wax On, Wax Off

I received the following question (it must be question week I guess, awesome!)- So I had a reversible hair mishap today and I thought of you and your blog!! Have you ever tried a mousse wax? As in, a hair product that is mousse with wax in it? I’ve used wax before on the ends of my hair when it’s cut shorter like it is now, and I love how it separates, chunks and helps the style. So, I thought I’d try this mousse wax, but I used too much my first time! It was ridiculous! I actually had to stick my head back under the faucet and re-shampoo my hair and start over. Second time around I used my L’anza root boost stuff followed by a LOT less of the Kenra Mousse Wax mostly on the back and ends of my hair. MUCH better result! Might not be an “every day” product, but definitely will come in handy when I want a bigger ‘do with some texture and hold. Have you had any experience with this type of product? I know with fine hair like mine it would have a tendency to be weighed down or look greasy with a product like this at the crown or near the roots, so I’m not sure what I was thinking when I applied it like plain ol’ mousse! Anyway, just curious about your experience with this. LOVE reading your blog. You’re doing a fantastic job!


Thank you for your question!  And the compliments!!

I didn’t have a mousse wax story, but I do have the product.  So I set out on trying to recreate your hair mishap.  And let me just say, yes, you are correct.  You should not apply mousse with wax in it all over your head.  Uck. I had to rewash my hair too!  I had a bottle of Pantene Moussing Foam Wax (now discontinued) in my cupboard.  It is amazing what strange products I have that I never use; I am a product junkie. I do think that a mousse wax would be a good product for those of us with fine hair to bulk up the bottom half, especially those with shorter hair that want an choppy, textured look.  Kind of like this look from Dianna Agron from Glee-

Dianna Agron - 8 Fall Haircuts We Know You'll Love - Shaggy Bob

(Image courtesy of InStyle) If I did this look, you’d think I just gotten out of bed and hadn’t brushed my hair yet!

My hair is getting longer now (and therefore pretty limp), so I think I will be shying away from the wax.  But since my hair has been so many different lengths in the last few years, you have reminded me why I had this in my cupboard anyway! I think I’m a true hair chameleon.  I love to change it up and am easily swayed by the most recent hair cut on a movie star.  I chopped it pretty short last year after the Oscars (I can’t wait to see who wears what this year!) because I was in love with Cate Blanchett’s hairstyle- see below.  I told myself this year that I would grow my hair out according to how much weight I lost because I just don’t think I look very good with a round face and full hair.  It really puts on length to my face I don’t need.  So I’m pretty much stuck at shoulder length right now.  🙂

…Maybe this product should come with a warning label- do not apply like regular mousse?!!!


(Image courtesy of


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