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Q & A- Winter Getaway

I received the following question and it sparked an idea to do a series on what to take on vacation.  I know many of you are going to be getting away to somewhere warm, or just any place for spring break soon.  And I’m hoping that this series helps.I am starting to put outfits together for a trip to the tropics next month. I have a knee length, flowy dress. It’s open backed and ties around my neck. I think it looks good plain but also great with a big belt worn high on my waist (think kinda cowgirlish). I am trying to put some shoes with it. Here is the dilemma: without the belt it looks great with a pair of cute girly flip flops. But with the chunky belt it totally changes the look. In the summer I would love to pair it with a pair of brown cowgirl boots. How would that look at night in the tropics? Also, those might be heavy to pack. HELP! -Meghan

Thank you for your question!  Have no fear!  I am a professional packer.  🙂  

I too would have reservations about packing boots for a tropical destination.  They take up a lot of room and they just aren’t the first thing you think of when you think beach.  

Here are my suggestions based on a dress I think may be similar to what you’re packing.

Michael Stars Padma Print Halter Dress from 6pm $30

Man!  This model is tan!  My January pastiness is already jealous of your trip!

Here’s some fancy flip flops for look number one-

Rhinestone Trim Abalone Stone Thong Sandal from Newport-News on sale $24

For look number two, I would consider espadrilles.  They have a weight to them that will balance the bigger belt.

Look at these matchy-match lovelies from Michael Antonio. Galena Wedge Sandal $41 from Endless I’d also consider trading a heavy leather belt for a straw one like this-

Nine West Women’s Stretch Straw Panel With Canvas Trim $17 from Amazon

Don’t forget a fab pair of sunglasses!

Cypress Grey Ombre Sunglasses by Fantas-Eyes $15

If it were me, I’d live up the summer time apparel in the middle of winter!  Leave the leather for when you return.

Hope this helps!



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