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Random randoms

Stayed tuned for the latest in my closet project.  It is still in the midst of my mess I’ve been shuffling around of Christmas decorations, presents and now my entire shoe collection.  January is leaving me hungover and not in the “I-had-too-much-to-drink” kind of way.  I think I just had way too much holiday and getting back to reality is hitting me hard and leaving me with a headache. So I apologize upfront for how random my thoughts are going to be this month.  I’m just way out there lately. Today’s random random is Tiffany celebration rings.

Do you know of these rings?  They are fabulous.  And while I cannot afford them, they are inspiration to me to one day have a set of three rings like this, one for each child. The stackables work much like the coveted right hand ring. (Oh DeBeers, that idea was ingenious-all women want is more, more, more!  Why not have a ring for both hands!)  The original intent of the right hand ring was to use diamonds in a way of expressing yourself whereas your engagement ring and wedding set are a symbol of eternity.  I like the stackables because it is less all about me and with the three it can be more an extension of my family.  (But if you’re giving away right hand rings, I won’t be turning you down!!) When they first came out, I went to the local jewelry stores hoping to find affordable knock offs.  At the time, they had no idea what I was even talking about!  Now you can find the same type of stackable look at Zales, Kay’s and other major jewelry stores, albeit you’ll have to use your creativity to find a look that you like. Have some fun today and play with the different arrangements on Tiffany’s web site. Dream of a day when a little blue box might be in your future. And hopefully I’ll get my act back together in a few weeks, perhaps after some aspirin.


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