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Remembering Life Before Kids

We had a few staycation days here just my husband and I.  And let me tell you, I just about didn’t know what to do with myself with such a quiet house.  Not to say I wasn’t busy.   My paintbrush is still permanently attached to this hand.  I have two floors of the house complete and three rooms left.  It may eventually end!  But I wasn’t trying to squeeze in my painting between naptime.  I had a chance to shower without interruption.  I watched movies that were rated R.  (And regretted seeing them, almost as I always do.  They were good but I tend to have nightmares!) Does this mean that I wish it was my husband and I all the time?  Absolutely not.  I was about sick, I missed my kids so much.  It was a nice holiday and it makes me realize how much I love them and enjoy being together 24/7. All of this does have a fashion-related point.  I know how easy it is to fall into the trap of mommy wear, simply because you are trying to just make it through the day with little ones.  But it is okay to matter too.  T-shirts and jeans are comfortable and can be very stylish.  But it is okay to wear something else.  If anyone looks at you like you’re crazy, they are just probably jealous that they didn’t make the time for themselves to create an outfit. Before you were a mommy, I would bet that it was easy to get up in the morning and throw an outfit together, for wherever you were off to- work, a date, school, etc.  And if you had trouble, then odds are you made time in your routine to put pieces together. Remember that?  Make the time now.  Your kids don’t want you in your Spongebob pajamas at school.  Your husband doesn’t want to come home to old college sweatpants.  Be yourself, no need to try and be a supermodel (unless you are one!).  Be deliberate about your outfit.  Because you matter!


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