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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

Setting A Good Example

I am sucker for the royals.  It’s a bit embarrassing but I do love to watch pretty much anything about Charles and Diana and see the whole train wreck that was their marriage unfold.  But even more than that, I was glued to the TV when William and Kate got married.  It was so wonderful to watch.  And they seem so happy together. That brings me to tonight’s topic, Kate’s style.  I assume that she has a whole team of stylists that keep her looking so wonderful, but if not, then the girl has some good taste.  So far I haven’t seen one bad example from her about how to dress like a lady and be appropriate for the event.  And I especially love how she faithfully relies on neutrals (not just black) and red to wow the world with her outfits.  Now if only the rest of the world could follow her decorum and get out of their pajamas. Here are a few of my favorite Kate looks-

Image courtesy of theclothingmenu.com

Image courtesy of style-delights.blogspot.com

Image courtesy of collegefashion.net

Image courtesy of modamob.com

I mean, who can forget that Grace Kelly wedding gown?!

I sincerely wish William and Kate the best of luck.  They had an excellent first year and I hope they can continue to be an inspiration for not only fashion, but self control and young people in the public eye.  So far, they have really set a good example.

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