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Seven Wardrobe Updates for Spring- Day Four

Day Four I know it feels a little like it’s 1990 and you’ve just been asked what you’re going to wear to the junior high dance, but a denim shirt is a comeback kid this season (and even last). It can be tricky.  There are many in the fashion world that say don’t abide by that old fashion rule and go ahead and wear that denim suit.  I mean, denim on top, denim on bottom.  I, for one, am not that forgiving. Leave the denim suits to the models.  For us regular folk, please mix it up a bit.  Here are a few options I found on Pinterest-

From champagneandsequins.tumblr.comI love this idea of the maxi skirt and the denim shirt.

Image from google.comI also like this take on the mini and the cowboy theme (taken from a runway)

From I like the lace and wedge sandals.  The lace really creates a weight to the outfit that matches the weight of the denim. Don’t know where to find one?  I personally would check out your local Goodwill (as these have come and gone in the fashion years, you’ll be sure to find one).  But if you like new, here’s one-

Only Denim Shirt from Yoox $45 Denim shirts, not just for the cowboys anymore…


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