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Skirting the Issue

Summer has begun regardless of what the calendar says.  And since the pool is officially open, it is time to brave the swimsuit. I’m not happy about this either but it has to be done.  If you have kids, it should be something you enjoy together, not dread because of what you have to wear. I saw this the other day- don’t compare, be the best version of yourself.  Let’s leave the negative body image issues aside!  Especially for our girls! Instead of skirting the issue, how about tying one on.  Okay, not in that way…  I’ve been seeing this idea on super stick thin models but I am dying to try it. It is a little belly-dancer-esque which is also kind of fun!

Image courtesy of alibaba

Basically instead of a sarong (of which I’m a huge fan), you tie a wider scarf around your derriere.  It is a definite must for travel, no need to pack two pieces!  And a great way to continue using your scarves during the summer.  Not to mention coverage for the rear view! I love how casual, sophisticated and comfortable it looks. Here’s an example of how it looks-

Image courtesy of

See you poolside!


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