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So It's Been A Year

Can you believe that I haven't written on this blog in a year?

There have been many reasons for that. To start, I was going through some weird, I want to leave my private life private. I am not sure why?

Secondly, I have been extremely busy. I have grown to despise that word. But it's true. With sports and four busy kids, not to mention work and remodeling several homes, yikes. I feel like every hour of my day is scheduled all week long, every week.

What's new? Well, we purchased a few more houses since I last wrote.

The first one I will affectionately refer to as the "farmhouse." It is not in the country but in town but it reminds me of an old farmhouse. We have owned this place for a little over a year. I spent most of the summer covered in plaster dust but it is slowly coming around. Here's a picture of the outside.

The second purchase was a home by a lake. No, not on the water but a few blocks away. It too is an older home that of course I could not leave well enough alone and felt the need to make some improvements. Below is a picture of the Blue Bungalow, as I'm calling it.

So, it's been a long time. And yes, we still have a third house (the Starting from Scratch house) we are working on but one can only do so much. So for the time being, that one is on hold to finish these other two.

I'm still decorating and still fashion focused. I just have had less time to write about any of those things.

I will try to do better.

It's been fun catching up! Hope to talk soon!

In the meantime, I'll try to take you along on our journey of remodeling in our own Chip & Joanna way.


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