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Soccer/Track/Golf/Tennis Meet

If you’ve got kids, there seems to always be a reason to be standing outside in the brisk spring air freezing.  Usually it involves some sort of sport- be it soccer, track, golf or tennis.  And I’m sure I’m leaving something out. The temptation is to bury yourself in a blanket and hide in the car.  And if it is below 40, I can’t say I wouldn’t be right there with you. But if you can manage the cold, bundle up in a raincoat that’ll keep out the moisture and a bright hoodie that’ll cheer you up.  Stay with the action in your tennies and carry your goodies in a big old tote.  Colorful mittens and a fun hat will keep out the cold and lessen the pain of your circumstances! Go team!

Puma lightweight hoodie

Parka coat $28 –

Warehouse $49 –

Onitsuka tiger sneaker

Cesca studded handbag

Beanie hat


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