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Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better

Than black pants.  If you’re having one of THOSE days.  Maybe you’re bloated or maybe you’ve eaten too much Halloween candy, throw them on.

Banana Republic black pants Slim yourself out with a black shell on top.  The monochromatic color theme visually slims. I like this one from Ann Taylor shown here in gray.  It’s rayon and has some stretch.

Long Camisole $15 Then add in a long cardigan to hide anything else you don’t want seen.

Its big print will also keep the eye moving. Geometric print cardigan from the GAP $70 Draw the focus towards your face and also lengthen yourself with a necklace.

Mixed Chain Layered Necklace from Arden B. for $19 The goal is long and lean, achieve it with your Newport-News patient heels.

Do a few extra sit ups tonight and lay off the carbs!  You’ll be good to go in the morning.


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