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Spring Trends 2014- Cropped Jackets

Our final spring trend- cropped jackets.  These can really be tricky for us moms who may not want to delve into anything that contains the word “cropped.”  But I assure you, the jackets I’ve added in today’s look would be easy additions.

Clearly, I am not referring to anything in the juniors department.  Their version of cropped is going to be more drastic than anything we’d want to try.

I’ve created two work outfits and one with a hipster vibe.  The crop has to hit where you’re comfortable and that means that you don’t have to show anything you don’t want to.  The first and the last looks let your t-shirt and blouse do the heavy work and conceal your tummy.

While it is hard to tell in this layout, the middle outfit has a high-waisted skirt.  With a fitted tank or shell underneath, I would wear this jacket unzipped to let more of the skirt with such a pretty print show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week of spring fashion.  I know it’s hard to imagine all the snow away.  One of these days…it will happen!

River Island white crop jacket $75 –

Lined jacket $53 –

Emma Cook button skirt

Wallis black trousers

ASOS wingtip oxford $46 –

Pull&Bear black high heel shoes $43 –


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