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Stay at Home Spring Break

What to do with the kids when you aren’t going anywhere fabulous for spring break?  Oh, and it is the dead of winter with a mountain of snow on the ground? First thing, formulate a plan.  Don’t leave yourself with the same old video games and movies fall back.  Let’s think of some exciting things together.  And then I’ll show you what to wear for your staycation. Let’s assume you have five days of “regular” school to enjoy together. Day One- Ladies Day Away Day Two- Science Museum Day Three-Matinee Day Four- Aquatics Day Five- Destination Grandmas So today, let’s focus on having a mom’s day away.  Find a local beauty school and see what services they offer.  If they do pedicures and massages, I’ll bet they are half the cost of a regular appointment elsewhere.  Or get a babysitter for a morning and get your friends together at home and just have a morning or pampering.  Whatever it takes to rejuvinate yourself.  Maybe you think this is selfish.  Perhaps a little.  But there is a lot of truth to being able to recharge.  Not everyone can be supermom all the time.  And because a happy mom= happy kids too. Let’s get out our white coats and goggles and go visit the science museum!  Don’t have a science museum, how about a children’s museum or any museum for that matter.  Even the smallest of towns sometimes have museums that your children can tour.  It’s good for them to get a little bit of education on their break.  You never know how much impact these little outtings can leave.  Maybe you’ll have a budding Einstein on your hands. Today’s activity= movie trip!  Yes, I know it isn’t much more than


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