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Summer Spots- The Picnic

In the summer, there is nothing I enjoy more than eating outside.  Sure there are bugs and heat and occasionally the wind blows your stuff all around.  After a long winter, being cooped up inside, it feels so liberating to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.

My kids and I often picnic, especially at the park.  It doesn’t always involve a meal; sometimes the kids are better at snacks than a real meal.  We love spreading the blanket on the ground, even if there is a picnic table available, and lounging in the sun.  Sometimes we take a book, sometimes it’s baseball or tennis equipment.  Or we just play in the sand on the playground.

No matter how you picnic, doing it is so much fun.  And if your kids are like mine, they will ask to picnic again and again.  And I know one day, these days will be some of mine and their most treasured memories.

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