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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #20

Who can believe that we are 20 days into summer vacation?  I cannot believe it.  And what’s really sad is that essentially my summer hasn’t even begun. My family and I have to pretty much survive June.  Along with t-ball and VBS, we have to tackle having a garage sale.  And I’ve been busy tagging and decluttering my home in preparation. People ask me all the time why I have garage sale.  It’s simple.  I make money.  Yes, it is a ton of work.  Yes, you are literally earning quarter after quarter sometimes.  But I am actually benefiting from the sale of the items we no longer need.  If you take your donations to the Goodwill and use them as a tax write off, excellent.  But this is one way I can put the cash in my pocket. If you’ve never done it, I recommend you try it.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  I’ll post a few tips I’ve learned along the way as we head into a busy weekend for me. And I can’t wait to start my summer!

Here’s the real life-

Burnout tank

Maine New England khaki pants $31 –

London Rebel flat sandals $39 –

Dorothy perkin $6.64 –

Calvin klein


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