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Summer Style- From Polyvore to Real Life #4

This weekend is all about soccer, soccer and more soccer.  And the weather isn’t cooperating at all.  One minute it is sunny and hot, the next raining and cold and when you are miles from the car and home, how do you prepare? Wear layers.  Bring blankets and extra jackets.  And don’t forget the umbrella. I prepared for the rain and cold by starting with jeans.  Then I added a tank in case it really heated up but I threw a short-sleeved sweater over top for that mid-range temp.  In this mud, sneakers are a must.  And a few simple accessories make me feel less like a soccer mom and more like girl.

Here’s what it looks like in real life.  Go team!

Zadig Voltaire short sleeve sweater $200 –

Jane Norman skinny fit jeans $46 –

Gola army shoes

Turquoise ring

River island $3.05 –


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