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Swim Season- Athletic

I recently started a summer workout program at my local pool.  And I am really loving it.

I am not a big swimmer.  A fish, I am not!  If I were thrown overboard, I’d probably drown.  But being in the water is so much fun because it is something out of the ordinary.  I like being weightless and having the resistance of only the water.  The water also awakens all the senses.  You can’t be asleep in a workout in the water!

I highly recommend a water workout if you’re burnt out on regular exercise programs.  After all, staying motivated is half the battle.

What to bring to a water workout?  First, a swimsuit.  You can wear your bikini but I wouldn’t feel most comfortable in one.  The three suits I chose go from your traditional workout suit (with a fun color and some cute piping), to one with a little more coverage for your arms and behind, to one that has total coverage.   Just try to find a suit that you don’t have to tug on every five minutes or worry about losing part of in the water.  J

And of course, you’ll need a towel and your flip flops.

Things to consider:  a watch to count laps.  It’s hard to know how hard you are working in the water.  And I’d really like to find a good waterproof heart rate monitor but I haven’t done enough research yet.  I really hate getting water in my ears, so ear plugs or this ear band would be handy.  And lastly, if you don’t want to wash your hair every day (or are worried about the chlorine and what it’s doing to your hair), a swimming cap may be a necessary object.

Test out your inner fish, give the swim workout a try!

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