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Swim Season- Best for Your Body

I know it’s hard to believe, but there is a swimsuit out there for everyone.  Yes, even your body.  We all have our own body issues and you just have to get past that.  You should never sit out of the pool or the beach because you are afraid of what you look like in a swimsuit.  Life is too short ladies!

Here are some suits for some common body issues.  Because we can’t all be built like supermodels.   God made us all unique and your body is something to be celebrated, no matter how you feel about your jiggly thighs.  So stop stressing.  Do your best to find a suit that flatters and hit the water!

First up, for those of you on the petite side- I like this suit because sometimes it can be tricky finding a tankini that hits in just the right spot.  Here you have the illusion of a tankini in a one piece.  The ruffle below the hip and the detail at the bust separate the waist, creating a longer torso.

The next suit is a stunner.  I love the cut outs at the waist.  But be wary, this suit is for those of you with an hourglass figure.  A fuller bust and a small waist will enhance this suit’s appeal.  Steer clear of this one if you have a tummy.

If your hips are your concern, try this suit.  The monotone color and skirted suit will help create length and narrowness.

For the full figured, this suit will be a weapon.  Not only will it give you bust support but the A-line skirting will flatter your hips and add some sass.

For the small chested, this suit with its defined cups and detailing at the bustline will create more curves up top.  And you can get away with no straps.  I love the pattern on this suit too!

And lastly for those with a big bust, this all over ruching will help camouflage a chest.  The supportive straps are important as well as the height of the cups.  You need to look a suit that hits higher on the chest.  It’ll mean less exposure and more support.

One last tip, if you find a suit that you love (and if that happens, celebrate!) but feel like it’s too boring, don’t forget the art of embellishments.  Wear a fun hat, add a pretty brooch to the bustline (yes! you can!) or get out the needle and thread.  There are all kinds of fabric flowers, beads and trimmings that can make something basic into something stylish!

Time for the water!

Swim skirt

Swimsuit swimwear

One piece swimwear

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