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Swim Season- Skirted

Well now that we have that over with, let’s focus on suits for those of us built more like JLo than Sarah Jessica Parker.  Some of us just have a booty.

And if you’re comfortable, flaunt it.  But this girl needs to cover it.  And here are a few skirted suits that I would feel comfortable wearing.

The first suit is perfect for those girls who have an hourglass figure.  Filling out the bust, nipping in at the waist and ruching around the hips- very flattering for the curvy!

The second suit is my favorite.  I like how it has some personality to it, feels sporty but also spunky.  And it looks like an outfit.  J

The third suit is just cotton candy cute.  I love its color but beyond that, the bottom of the skirt is adorable.

On the bottom left, this suit is for those of you that want to be a little mysterious and yet don’t want to bare it all.  I love eyelet and this suit just has some serious sass.

The middle bottom suit is great for pear shaped girls.  All the focus is on the tiny top and the A-line of the skirt on the bottom forgives what lies beneath.

The last suit has that sneaky strategically placed black stripe.  It draws the eye in and also draws attention to your face.

What everyone should be looking at when you’re wearing a swimsuit, right?

Robin Piccone black swimsuit


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