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SWL- Bathing Beauties

This week Lloyd’s talked about lots of interesting topics, but one item he encouraged women of style to do was something I’ve been enjoying for years- taking a bath. According to Lloyd, “Once you know the bath’s calming effect, taking a shower will never be the same.”

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It had me wonder why a guy would write about this topic in a fashion book.  I think there is a connection. Since the move I haven’t taken as many baths as showers.  I loved taking baths in our old cast iron tub.  Once the water heated the tub up, it stayed hot.  Our dog loved to come and sit by the tub when I filled it in the winter time.  And I also enjoyed having a bath when my kids were babies because I could sit them by the tub and still see them and they could still see me.  Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most relaxing bathing example.  But there is something to be said about submerging your body in warm water.  Look at all those hot tub fanatics!  All they really need is a good long soak in the tub. I haven’t broke into the tub in our new home all that often.  But the kids love it.  For them the bath is a place to imagine and play. And so I think it is for fashionable women.  There are many days when I’m taking those same 20 minutes that it would take for me to shower that I use in the tub to think about what I have to accomplish that day, what outfit I’d be most comfortable doing those tasks in and yes, even soak away a few of life’s troubles and dreaming. I don’t know if you’re a shower person or a bath person.  But stop looking at your tub as a vacation that never happens.  Pull the plug, turn on the water, add the bubbles. And start your day stylishly!


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