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SWL- Travel Wear

I want to remind you of something I’ve talked about several times on this blog and Lloyd confronts this week- dressing appropriately when you travel, especially by plane. Traveling has come along way.  We don’t actually dress up to travel as they did in the 50s but instead look to overcome issues such as TSA security and how to slip off our shoes with ease. Here’s what to keep in mind when traveling: 1)  Wear layers of something luxurious- aka cashmere.  A wrap or a cardigan- it’ll keep you warm and make you look great when you leave the boarding gate. 2)  Wear comfortable but stylish shoes.  And yes, something easy off, easy on.  Loafers, slip on oxfords, even cute tennies are acceptable.  The running shoes can packed. 3)  Find yourself some nice luggage.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but it shouldn’t be your dad’s dusty duffel bag from the garage either.  I love colors simply because they are easy to see, you won’t mistake them for anyone else’s and they are as stylish as a colored handbag! 4)  Leave the linen at home.  This is a time for wrinkle free fabric!  Think jersey, stretch denim, even some wool.  You don’t want to look a mess when you arrive. 5)  Casual is great, sloppy is not.  Even if you may have rolled out of bed to take this flight, the key is not to let the whole world know it. Try your absolute best to be conscious when you dress to travel.  You represent so much about yourself, your state and sometimes your country when you hit the airways.  Make a good impression!


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