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Ten Gallon Hat

What's western wear without a hat, right? This is my Chris Stapleton 10 gallon hat. A ten gallon hat just means a really tall, broad brimmed hat. Which I literally wore to one of his concerts. I would totally see him again in a heartbeat. Amazing singer.

I sincerely love it's feathers and retro vibes. It makes my heart happy, even if it's black.

I paired my ten gallon with a tribal print vest which I bought at my local drugstore. Love small town America! And guess what shirt I am wearing...Yellowstone! Purchased at a boutique in said small town. Sorry, it's a little wrinkly here.

I topped off the outfit with some vintage turquoise rings and necklace and a pair of cowboy boots.

But these fields tho....all the heart eyes!

Would you wear the 10 gallon?


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