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Ten Items Every Woman Should Own

I see these lists all the time and thought I’d do my own version.  Just keep in mind that each woman’s closet is a reflection of their creativity, so these rules are not hard and fast.  They are simply what I find to be true. Here there are, in no particular order: 10) Flared leg jeans- more traditional than skinny jeans, these jeans are your good old standbys.  Pair with a preppy sweater and a skinny belt with some platforms, 70s chic. 

Patterned Skirt

(Image courtesy of Check out this link for some really awesome ideas on how to wear your white shirt. 7)  Basic heels-most likely they’ll be black.  But a good old traditional pump will never go out of style and can go with just about anything, except maybe a tracksuit.  Pair with jeans, with trousers, with skirts; it can even go black tie.

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