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Ten Items Every Woman Should Own

I see these lists all the time and thought I’d do my own version.  Just keep in mind that each woman’s closet is a reflection of their creativity, so these rules are not hard and fast.  They are simply what I find to be true. Here there are, in no particular order: 10) Flared leg jeans- more traditional than skinny jeans, these jeans are your good old standbys.  Pair with a preppy sweater and a skinny belt with some platforms, 70s chic. 

(Image courtesy of LOFT) 9)  A printed skirt- preferably with a little flounce.  More versatile than you think, this little number can really mix up a wardrobe.  Throw on a solid tank and some boots, go shopping.  Add a neutral blazer and heels, ready for work.  Throw on a jean jacket and some sandals and you have date night.  The pattern will always makes you look like you thought about it longer.  Probably not the case…

(Image courtesy of Instyle) 8) A white dress shirt- Dress it up, dress it down.  Heck, wear your undies and socks and you’ve got yourself a movie.  Every person, young, old, professional, work-at-home, should have one in their closet.

(Image courtesy of Check out this link for some really awesome ideas on how to wear your white shirt. 7)  Basic heels-most likely they’ll be black.  But a good old traditional pump will never go out of style and can go with just about anything, except maybe a tracksuit.  Pair with jeans, with trousers, with skirts; it can even go black tie.

(Image courtesy of 6) A scarf that brings out the color of your eyes- Check out any of the movies that I have listed in B List, Well Maybe and Top Five Holiday Movies for Style.  The heroine (and you should be the heroine of your own life- stole that line from The Holiday) always has something amazing close to her face that makes her eyes pop.  An easy way to do this on a regular basis- find a scarf in a color that when you put it on you look more awake, alive, exciting.  That’s the right color for you.

(Image courtesy of 5)   Boots- casual, tall, cowboy, biker, riding-one of these, all of these, it does not matter.  Everyone needs a fun pair of boots.  I love how many different types there are and the different vibes they give off.  Compare biker boots to shooties.  You know I love versatility and I think I own almost every category of boots.

(Image courtesy of VictoriasSecret) 4) A blazer- Want to look instantly more polished and professional?  Throw on a blazer.  Suddenly your tank top can be taken seriously.  This wardrobe essential also has some sex appeal.  I love the jeans and blazer combo for date night and for $5 at the Goodwill, you can add one to just about any color scheme you’ve got in your closet.

(Image courtesy of 3) A trenchcoat- No one will ever top Audrey Hepburn’s trenchcoat moments in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. But I also love a trenchcoat in a beautiful color.  Throw this on when you’re reaching for a light jacket to take a quick walk and bask in the saturated color.  Feeling your outfit is in a slump?  Top it off with a trenchcoat and you’ll feel instantly more glamorous.

(Image courtesy of 2) A LBD-  There is no getting around it.  Every woman must own one little black dress.  As much as I get sick of black because I feel that’s all the department stores push, it is a classic.  And you can build a wardrobe around it.  It can be dressed up for work or black tie, or dressed down.  Darn it anyway. (Yes and that’s two Breakfast at Tiffany’s photos, if you’re counting.)

(Image courtesy of 1) Khakis- sure they sound about as exciting as a cardboard box.  But when you’re sick of jeans and your black trousers, where do you turn?  Khakis.  They can dress up and be a workhorse, they can be casual and PTA meeting appropriate or they can be downright dirty (in the garden that is) giving you a more stylish option than say the dreaded overalls.

(Image courtesy of There you have it.  That’s my list.  Pull out these ten items from your closet and wear a piece every day this week! 


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