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The Forecast Looks Bleak

Silly wind

Silly wind

Image courtesy of via Vlado

I think we’re on day 30 or something of crazy, miserable wind this spring.  I have come to the conclusion that wind is the one type of weather I cannot stand.  Bring on the polar vortex but save me from the clear-off-the-patio, watch-out-for-the-basketball-hoop and glue-down-the-shingles wind.  This wind is SILLY.

This week’s forecast is terrible.  Wind, rain and clouds with some added cool temps. Pretty much nap weather all week.  How are we going to keep a positive outlook?

My suggestion.  Color.

According to Instyle Magazine, 86% of their readers felt a mood boost when wearing a vivid hue.  That’s a pretty high percentage.  My challenge this week is to leave the black at home and throw on some color.  Let’s see if we can power through this forecast with some sunny hues.

Check back for how to wear color and color inspiration this week!


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