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The Unmentionables

It’s time to go…there.  Part of every good wardrobe lies something wonderful underneath.  And after breastfeeding three kids, it ain’t easy making these things appear perky.  You know what I’m talking about, what we refer to in our home as our chests.  (Because really, isn’t that what we all have there?) The reason we need to talk about this- A)  We are women, it is okay to have these conversations when you wear them the majority of your life! B)  You don’t want to be wearing the wrong bra= hello bra-fitting! C)  If you’ve gained weight, lost weight, are pregnant, had kids, reason c is all you need (I’m not sure if there is anyone who will tell you that their chest is not at all different after having a baby…?) It’s all part of being a fashionista, wearing the right undergarments.  While my search continues for the best pair of pantilineless underwear (see future post), especially for the bigger bootie girls, I have found one of the best bras in the world and it doesn’t cost a fortune.  You know you have that one that you wish you could wear everyday, with everything…  I have one like that!  It’s a Maidenform and it ranks best in these categories: 1)  It has an underwire and therefore lifts 2)  It is COMFORTABLE and oh so soft 3)  It minimizes that dreaded back fat roll 4)  It smooths and shapes 5)  It moves with you 6)  It looks great under a t-shirt 7)  It doesn’t look like your grandma’s bra

(This is the Dream Bra T-Shirt Bra in Love Knots Hot Pink and it is on sale for $17.99, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  And that’s about half a Victoria’s Secret bra.) Do you need anymore reasons? You can find Maidenform bras at Kohls, JCPenney and Macy’s. Tell me what are your favorite bra brands? Note- I was not blessed with a larger chest, so as I own this bra, I’m recommending it for average cup sizes.  


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