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Thrown Together Thrifting #2

Here are more outfits from my whirlwind thrifting trip. 

This first outfit has a tropical printed blazer, which I normally wouldn’t add to my wardrobe but a friend of mine is having a themed birthday party soon and I knew this would be fun to wear.  I also bought the green blouse underneath because it brings out my green eyes.  Lastly I did purchase this funky purse and the ankle length jeans for a new addition to my wardrobe for spring.  The flats were a little snug so I left them there.

 I really don’t like wearing all black because I not only feel like I’m in mourning but I look as pastey as a sheet.  But I found this sparkly little tank and it found its way home too.  It’ll be fun for a night out.  The shrug and the pants I didn’t love either.  But they fit and made this top part of a respectable outfit.

 Ug.  I don’t like this photo at all but here we go.  I liked the little black crocheted vest and this top is actually a baby pink, although hard to see.  The top has a fun lace back.  Probably not what I’d pair with slacks but they matched so they got pieced together.  Again, like the top pieces but not together.

 The jury is still out on this top.  I like the color and the combination but I’m not sure it looks good on ME.  And it tends to look a little matronly.  But I did like the bag!

More outfits to come!


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