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Time Out for the Grammy’s

Sorry I disappeared on ya.  We had our “adult prom” last night which I’ll have more on later!  But meanwhile, I just got busy.  Two events in a row will do that to me! I promised I’ll get back to finishing our Fashion 101.  But I thought I needed to at least reflect a little on the Grammy’s.  While I didn’t watch the show or the red carpet arrivals, I of course needed to see what everyone was wearing.  And I must say, of all the big award shows, this is always my least favorite.  Because these folks are “rock stars,” they tend to wear lots of costumey things that are all about shock and awe.  But that doesn’t really get me too excited.  Read- anything worn by Lady Gaga.  But I have to say, the pictures I’ve seen of this year’s dresses were surprising.  Most of these ladies looked good.  And pretty tame while still being funky.  I mean, Beyonce wore pants and a higher neckline than I’ve seen on her in awhile!  I really didn’t see anyone that was outrageous or awful.  A good number of them looked like, dare say, ladies! Best dress-

Look of the Day photo | Rihanna


I just love this color.  And this is so normal for her.  But I love it when the goal is to look beautiful and not all about shock and awe.

Funky done right-

Look of the Day photo | Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

I am a bit unsure about the studs and sequins combination.  But I love how covered up she is and the awesome colors and the bold rings.  Just enough quirky to work.

Worst dress-

Look of the Day photo | Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung

I think she didn’t get the memo that she is going to an awards party and not a picnic.  What do you think, is this dress is red carpet worthy? 

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