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TV Shows

I don’t normally watch much TV.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not morally superior.  Mainly if we are tv watching, it falls under the category of Barney the Dinosaur.  And with the kids, life can be so crazy that I would never be able to watch at the same time each week (or remember).  We may be the only household in America that does not have some sort of cable recorder.  But it really wouldn’t get used. We are however movie people.  We watch A LOT of movies. But this year, there may be the start of a few new shows that I just can’t live without. You know I’m a big fan of What Not to Wear.  But they are on again, off again and I’ve seen just about every rerun six times.  I also like Say Yes to the Dress but sometimes I’m just not in the bridal mood.  I can’t believe people would actually spend $25,000 on a wedding dress.  But I digress. So, I have resorted to watching any and all style segments on morning news shows while I run to get my TV style fix.  Until now. There is a new show called Jane on ABC Family that starts this January that has peaked my interest.  Hopefully it isn’t so adult that my kids can’t watch it (like half of the other shows on that channel).  Personally I think the title of the show Pretty Little Liars is setting a bad example for all teenage girls out there anyway.  But again I digree. The plot of this show seems to be a little like ugly duckling becomes fashionista.  I can relate to that. And Andie McDowell is playing the mother.  Yea!  Haven’t seen her in awhile.  I love to see woman of a certain age plucking along instead of being forced out by all the twentysomethings.  The show airs on January 3, 8:00 central and I hope I don’t forget!


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