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I live in Iowa, the land of the not-so-fashion conscious. However I do believe that many of the people who live here do take pride in their appearance. Fashion is truly my passion. As a stay-at-home mom of three, it is also my outlet. It is an escape to dream up outfits that I may potentially wear to some fabulous venue. If you need to pack for vacation, it is my time to shine. No one else can pack in you as few of outfits, but still have so many options. I am also a bargin shopper, as we live on one income. I am hoping that with this blog, I can find ways to show anyone who stumbles across this blog how easy it is to put together outfits on a shoestring budget, build a wardrobe and have incredible versitility with the clothing they own. It just takes imagination and some forethought!

Enjoy my Style from the Sticks!



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