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When in Rome… or Paris

If you’re crossing the ocean on some sort of spring vacation and visiting the old world (you lucky-duck), then you must figure out how to pack lightly but with variety. Having just taken a trip to France myself this summer (incredibly lucky-duck), I know this can be challenging, but it is possible!  I packed with only a carry-on for a week! Your best bet for a starter outfit is pants, especially on a long flight.  You don’t want to freeze!  Here’s an outfit like Kristen Bell wears in When In Rome for the long flight over-

(Image courtesy of I sincerely do like this movie.  The premise is so cute, even if the plot leaves you hanging in a few places.  But who cares when you get to look at adorable clothes! I’d start with some comfy pants, you may be sleeping on the plane (and in some interesting positions)-

CityKnit Luxe Trouser from New York and Company on sale $35 Black knit pants are sooo sneaky.  They have the benefits of your favorite pair of black trousers but feel like black sweatpants.  While I won’t necessarily recommend them for the office (unless it is very casual), they are wonderful for traveling and sightseeing.  You’ll wear and wear these.  And if you’re like me, you’ll soon need a new pair because the black is fading! Instead of the white collared shirt she is wearing, I’d wear a white henley like this one that I’ve heard so much about from the Loft.  Not to mention that my favorite color is white and if I could wear a white shirt every day, I’d be happy as a lark.  So, if anyone needs to buy me a Valentine’s Day gift, here it is-

Ruffle Trim Woven Henley Tunic from the Loft $45 This blazer isn’t exactly the same as Bell’s but it is equally smart and can be worn with many other outfits-

 Scotch and Soda Tailored Blazer from 6pm $70 I’d wear this outfit with these comfy flats (you will need comfy!)-

Naturalizer Violette Dark Pewter from Zappos $80 I think the metallic is more versatile than black.  It’ll be less conspicuous when wearing skirts and also easier to match with other pieces. Don’t forget the fun scarf too! Here is her date night look to copy as well-

(Image courtesy of Maybe on the flight over you can watch this movie!  Just don’t wind up drunk in an Italian fountain picking up coins (or do if you want a really good story to tell)-

(Image courtesy of


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