Fixer Upper- Weeks 18, 19 & 20

It’s crunch time at the fixer upper before snow flies so we have been busy, busy, busy!  Thank you for being so patient with my posts.

After we finished with installing the windows and doors, we had siding to start.  This process has been pretty lengthy and we’re still not 100% done.  But it certainly makes a difference!

Here are some shots of the siding going on.

First Side Going On

Top of the Front


As the designer, I also had an idea to put some faux stonework on the bottom of the fixer upper, just to dress up that portion a little bit.  It’ll eventually wrap all the way around the front, to the garage.

Close Up of Stone

Adding Stonework

Closer Shot

And speaking of the garage, the house has one now!  We hired the footings and floor to be poured from a local concrete company and it was so nice to stand and watch someone else work for awhile!

Before the Footings

Footings and Walls

Concrete Truck


After Floor Poured

Side Shot

I really enjoyed seeing how the concrete was smoothed out.  That was cool.

Then the Mr. and my dad began framing.  We ran into a little trouble with the roofline and some miscommunication between the designer and the workers.  🙂  So we had to make some adjustments which delayed the process.


From Far Away

Figuring Out the Roofline

In Its Final Spot

Rafters Up

It was so light and bright in there, I thought maybe we should add some skylights.  That did not go over so well with the workers.  😉

With Sheeting and a Backdoor

The housewrap went on after the sheeting went up and it was sided so fast that I didn’t even get a picture of it!  And then when it was time to roof, help appeared and we couldn’t be more thankful for the friends and neighbors who have helped out- without even being asked!


In case you forgot what the before picture looked like, here’s a reminder-

Fixer Upper Front

After Thru This Week

I’m sure you noticed the front door.  But the saga that was working on that is another post in itself!

That’s all for now!

#fixerupper #homedecor

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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