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I can't believe I've been blabbing on for 13 years. My blog is the same age as my daughter.

In honor of this date and your reading enjoyment, I thought I would share my first-ever blog post.

I live in Iowa, the land of the not-so-fashion conscious. However, I do believe that many of the people who live here do take pride in their appearance. Fashion is truly my passion. As a stay-at-home mom of three, it is also my outlet. It is an escape to dream-up outfits that I may potentially wear to some fabulous venue. If you need to pack for vacation, it is my time to shine. No one else can pack you in as few outfits but still have so many options. I am also a bargain shopper, as we live on one income. I am hoping that with this blog, I can find ways to show anyone who stumbles across this blog how easy it is to put together outfits on a shoestring budget, build a wardrobe and have incredible versatility with the clothing they own. It just takes imagination and some forethought!

Enjoy my Style from the Sticks!


It was short and sweet. Happy Birthday Style from the Sticks! If you missed my post yesterday, here is a little hint on what it contained...

Can I interject from house remodeling for a minute and talk about fall fashion?

Fall weather makes you want to buy something new; it's that change of season when you're sick to death of your summer clothes and you want something fresh! Well, I'm here to help.

This is what I see trending for fall.

1) Ralph Lauren Old Money

Fall always tends to lean a little towards this look but it is super strong this year. Think preppy blazers, button-down shirts, tweed, long denim skirts, trench coats, sweater sets and riding boots. It's the opposite of boho. It's sharp and tailored and loafers. It's suede, leather, sweaters and plaid. It's very 80s money and it also reminds me of a woman sleuth from the same era... see below.

Don't get rid of those tall boots yet, ladies! And even tho skinny jeans are out for the season, you can absolutely wear them with your tall boots!

Did you all see the pleats on these pants? (BTW, pleats had to be explained to someone the other day of a younger generation. OMG. I am OLD.)

So I have a new guilty pleasure....a secret obsession if you will....with Murder, She Wrote. You know the old TV show starring Angela Lansbury? Just as I watched way too many reruns of The Golden Girls, now I've moved on to Jessica Fletcher.

For those of you too young to know the show, basically, this widowed woman decides to write mystery novels and in the process, every place she visits ends up with a murder she has to solve.

The weirdest part is that I thought she was SO old when I used to watch this as a child. Guess how old she was when filming this show? SHE WAS 58 when the show started in 1984. I'm having a bit of a midlife crisis over that. I mean, on the show, she is constantly jogging (with scarves on, I might add) and biking all over town. But holy crap, 58!!? Maybe I secretly aspire to be her...minus all the murders.

Jessica Fletcher's style is very 80s money for the record. But I will not be wearing those 80s earrings, thank you very much.

Shop this trend:

2) Party Like It's 1999

I'm a little scared of this one, as these fashions were all the rage when I was in high school. It makes me wanna yell, why are we doing this again? But here we are... chunky shoes and boots, jeans with the little pockets in the front, crop tops, flannels and flare jeans. If I weren't dating myself, the words I would use to describe this look...grunge, skater, alternative. Gah!

Shop this trend-

3) 80s Babies

Of which I am not. This trend encapsulates baggie sweatshirts, cargo pants, acid wash jeans, the crossbody purses, bucket hats, matching skirt/top sets, stripes and crushed velvet.

Shop this trend-

4) 70s Boho

Boho took a twist this fall and went back to Grandma's 70s basics. Capes and ponchos, turtlenecks, jumpsuits, corduroy, chunky cardigans and printed bell bottom pants. And there's always going to be an easy-to-wear floral dress.

Shop this trend-

Which trend do you see yourself in most for the fall? I definitely lean towards boho/old 80s money myself.

Oh, and if you want to catch a little Murder, She Wrote, it comes on the Great American Family channel when I'm supposed to be sleeping. :)

On the farmhouse reno, let's skip along and avoid all those non-interesting details like electricity and get back to the fun stuff.

Next on our to-do list is to build back the walls, this time with drywall. Here is a look at the walls going up-

Isn't it crazy how much a difference the walls alone make? No texture, no smoothing and sanding, just actual walls.

In the kitchen, we decided to open up the side of the staircase to allow for more room and to make the stairs feel less like an old dungeon.

It's really starting to come together now!

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