My last swimsuit to feature is one of my favorite colors this year...yellow. We can all use a little bit more yellow in our lives right now. It's happy, it's fresh, it's upbeat. It's the color of sunshine and being outside getting your vitamin D is a must.

This suit has lots of good lines. And it's a totally easy wear. Slap it on and your out the door. More time for fun, less time for worries. I love it's tropical print. It makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii. Some day that's going to happen for me!

I added in another little yellow scarf so I'm not worried about too much cheek showin.

And that's a wrap folks! I hope you enjoyed this extremely fun but nerve racking photo shoot and it's given you some ideas on how to get in the darn suit and have some fun already- in something festive!

Many thanks to my hometown aquatic center. You are my happy place and I'm so grateful to have you!

I might be part hippie at heart. There's something about that culture of nature loving, peace loving and free spiritness that resonates with me. I guess that's my Type B showing.

I have this little suit that I don't wear much because of the cut outs. It's for more of a tropical trip kind of suit. But why not show you what that could look like too?

I love its Boho vibe, so I played into it- adding my head wrap, another cute beach blanket and a scarf to wear as a coverup. The scarf has a little edge and sass to it with a scull on the print.

Do you love the Boho look as much as me?

Happy 4th of July! It's my second favorite holiday!

Nothing says 'Merica like white crochet? Or maybe that's just my opinion.

I love this suit so much.

I love that it has that crochet look and it's stretchy and not too revealing. I paired it with a little white sheer swim skirt that ties.

You know what goes great with the 4th and fun? A big floppy hat.

I'm loving the vacay vibes, how about you?

Hope you get to catch some fireworks. They are my favorite. And celebrate your holiday safely!

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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

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