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Listen, I get it. You are being pulled in a million different directions and what you wear isn't a priority. I fall into the same rut.

But I'm here to make having great style easy. And I have five little tips that I wanted to pass along that make getting dressed in a hurry easy.

I even made you a little graphic to remember them.

Clearly, there are exceptions to these rules. And rules are meant to be broken. But these are general, easy tips. Check them out-

1) Check the liner of your clothes for color matching.

Do you struggle to know what colors to pair with certain pants or maybe a blazer? Here is an easy tip, check the liner. Lots of times the liner of your blazer or shorts will have different colored fabric on the inside. It's a no-brainer way to know what other color will go with the item.

Here is an example-

Now this one is pretty loud. And I don't normally wear polka dots. But I know without spending any time at all that a teal or chartreuse top is going to look great with these shorts. Do I have to wear those colors? Of course not, but it gives me a quick idea without spending any time searching.

2) Not sure what shoes or pants to wear with your top or outfit? Look at your buttons. If you're wearing black buttons on a top, black shoes are going to match. Here is another example-

This top has a bronze-colored button. So I could find shoes that match. See how easy that was!

3) When in doubt, match your hair color to your shoes. I've said this before and it sounds weird. But if you have dark hair, light-colored shoes will really make a statement. The same goes for light-colored hair and dark shoes. So if you are unsure what shoes to wear, and you just want your shoes to disappear, match them to your hair color.

Here's an example-

4) In general, don't buy pants with high pockets. Now, there are exceptions to this. If you're a high schooler and your butt is amazing, wear whatever pockets you wish. But if you've got a little junk in the trunk as I do, low pockets are your friends. So be very careful with those mom jeans like the example below.

5) A general rule of style when you get dressed is to create opposites with length. What do I mean by that? For example, if you're wearing a long skirt, you should wear a short top. Or, like the example below, wear shorts with a long sleeve top. I love to play with the long/short combinations of the shorts/kimono outfit. Or another example would be tunic and leggings together.

I hope these are helpful to you. They aren't meant to be hard and fast rules to live by, just helpful tips when you are in a hurry and can't quite get that outfit together.

Don't forget them when you're in a rush. You can still have great style!

It's finally fall and I am ready for some seasonal temps! Who's over the 80s? Me!

Don't you just want to be outside when the air is crisp?

This season's trends are SUPER focused on the colors of autumn. And there's a surprising and completely affordable place to shop for them!

Trending for fall are all the autumn favorites- deep mauves, rusts, all shades of brown, taupey greys, mustards and maroons.

Of course, you'll find all of these shades in items like flannels and lightweight sweaters, cardigans and even pants. And I'm sure you've heard about the shacket, a combination of a jacket and a shirt. It's super popular as well.

I have to admit, these colors don't always love me back. But that doesn't stop me. If that shade of mustard isn't quite right by your face, wear it on pants or a piece of jewelry. Or add a print that has some of the the trendy colors with colors that also look amazing on you. Think outside the box!

I also have to admit that this said store, that has some of the greatest colors and patterns for the season all at reasonable prices, is not my favorite store. Infact, it's one of my least favorites. Maybe I'm getting older, or maybe they just really hit a note this season, but the place that I'm referring MAURICES. Of all places... they seem to have hit the mark for fall.

Check them out online below-

I'm taking you on a journey of some of their seasonal items that I tried on that maybe you'll love. This was after a day of soccer and I left the house with wet hair, so please excuse the way I look. I was being fast and didn't plan ahead on what I was wear, so the shorts don't really work for each outfit! Focus on the tops. LOL


Here's my first shirt. It's just a flannel but I really like the fit on this one. It doesn't make me feel so much like a lumberjack. And it has our team color in it so I know that I would wear this one a bunch.

This sweater is a little out of my wheelhouse. I don't normally wear these kind of crazy prints but this sweater is SO SOFT. And sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. But I wasn't crazy about the fit.

Here is an adorable shacket. It again is amazingly soft. And I enjoy the colors. I also like how it fit. I don't feel like I'm swimming in it.

I picked this sweater again for the softness and the print. But this taupey grey color wasn't my friend. I also don't like things that are so shapeless.

Here is a cute little henley in a great mustard color.

This was my favorite sweater in the store. Incredibly soft but once I got it on I wasn't a fan of the color on me. I know the rest of you will love it though. It's the prettiest shade of brown- I think called golden rust or something.

I also liked this little tank top but I needed a size bigger and they didn't have one.

And that's my try-on session at Maurices! Go check them out for yourselves and pick up some great fall favorites!

I blame it on a case of mild seasonal depression, but there has been a shift in my household.

When school starts I always go through the blues. You get used to having the kids around all the time and you realize the passing of time as each summer with them slips away.


And then it starts to rain and there goes my mood. I truly believe I am solar-powered. I go way too high and low with the sun.

I love fall. I used to love this season best before I had kids. I have an ongoing love affair with soup, fires, football and all things cozy. It makes me want to light some candles, pour another cup of coffee, play some vinyls and snuggle up with a book.

This brings me to the point of this post. My mood around the house is slipping from white and bright to moody and warm. What does this mean?

It means I have been lead from siren call to some pops of moody rich colors. I am not ready for total color saturation, just like I am not ready to completely embrace letting my kids go. But the changes are starting.

Have you felt it too? Suddenly I am drawn to colors like clay, rust, green, goldenrod and brown. It feels so 1970s and homey. It's like the brown floral couch that nearly every household in America had. It's comforting, reassuring and nostalgic.

All you need to do is flip through Target's bedding line and clothing or Anthropology's home to see that designers are feeling it too.

And while creativity comes with its own downsides. Seriously some days it is a curse that you can't turn off, like the tv playing in the background when you want it dark to sleep. Some days I wish I could just live like a normal person who doesn't even care about such things. I guess it helps alleviate the blues with some fresh and welcoming new colors.

Not only are these colors seeping into my home but also my wardrobe. I have never seen so many versions of brown since the late 90s. But instead of flat brown. These colors are rich and warm and full of life. You can even find it at Walmart.

This fall, I will show you some spaces in my home where I am adding pops of dark. It's boho with a touch of farmhouse. It doesn't mean throwing out the baby with the bathwater and ditching all things white and lovely. It just simply means small updates here and there. Curating them into my home so that it feels fresh and not old.

You can check out some of my favorite on my Pinterest board, Moody Fall.

Are you feeling this change of season too?

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