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A Blank Slate

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I spent most of last summer covered in dirt. It was a good look for me.


The house was full of miscellaneous stuff the previous owner didn't want and in order to do any kind of update, you need a blank slate.

So we got our first of what will probably be many dumpsters. And let me tell you, we had this sucker FULL.

In the cleaning-out process, we found some old pictures. Can anyone identify the people in these pictures? I would love for them to go to their original owner. And we may find more!

It's amazing to me what people leave behind. We found trophies and an antique baby carriage and soooo many fish tanks. There was furniture and All. The. Crayons. LOL

I think what scared me the most was the gigantic freezer in the basement. I was pretty sure that there was either going to be a ton of rotten meat or a dead body in it. But when I finally was brave enough, it was empty. Whew!

But one of the most interesting things I found...was a small amount of money! Hidden under a carpet. Bonus!

Let me know if you know anyone in these photos. I am also looking for any history on this house so if you know someone who might know, I'd love to talk to them!


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