Want to stick to leggings for the holidays?

Here's a way to be as cozy as possible but look fancy.

First, start with leggings with some texture. Velvet is my go to and these leggings have a fun little pattern that adds even more visual interest when paired with a big pattern in the scarf.

I know many of you have scarfs in your closet you aren't sure what to do with now. You can easily wear them as a cape like this! Unfold them and throw around your shoulders. Secure with a fun belt and it's a new top!

The EASIEST way to dress up an outfit is to not ignore accessories. Throw on some statement bracelets, a necklace, earrings- you know me, more is more. And you are instantly fancier!

Don't forget an awesome pair of boots. I love this fringe!

It's December and winter is upon us! I have a little wintry mix for you. This series of looks are a bit more dramatic than your everyday looks. Perfect to use them for the holidays or any time you want to add some fun to your outfits! First up, a monotone outfit. It isn't 1950 and we don't usually wear all the same color. But once in a while, when worn with some fun accessory pops, it can create some drama. I see you shaking your head, but I promise you, you have probably worn head to toe black before. (You know you have.) Just break free from the only black!

I started with winter cream corduroys. My cream, thermal top has a colorful pattern that feels very wintry. For some added warmth, I threw on my crochet cardigan. I love this little cardigan because it has such a fun back. (See below.)

I have broken up my all cream color with a statement maker belt and some fun little sherpa booties.

For accessories, pearls, of course!

I hope you can be brave and give a monotone outfit a try!

You know I write about anything and everything. This does not exclude random conversations I have on a local level.

Our football team is in the state title game this week. I am super excited for my oldest who plays for the team.

Last week at the semi-final game, I had a conversation about how hard it is to find flannel with maroon in it, which is our team's color.

And now it's my mission to find some maroon flannel for you. I got you, girl.

These are all local stores, nothing you have to drive for or have shipped! Maybe it will be too late for football but, good news, basketball season is just starting!

Here are some shopping links for you!!

Maurices Burgundy Plaid Oversized Button Down Shirt $34.90


Kohls Women's Croft & Barrow® The Extra Soft Plaid Flannel Shirt $25.49


Tractor Supply Blue Mountain Women's Long Sleeve Plaid Flannel Shirt $9.99

(Can you believe that price!?)


Oversized Gender-Neutral Patterned Flannel Shirt for Adults $39.99


Good luck football team!!