Yes, I realize that the song is Pancho. I guess I'm on a Merle kick lately. And anyone who knows me will tell you that I love Willie Nelson. I used to get teased in college about my love for old country. And now's it's appreciated again. Who's laughing now?

Speaking of haters, anyone who tells you that ponchos are out of style needs to be cut out of your life. You don't need that kind of negativity. :)

Seriously, ponchos go with fall like crunchy leaves go with trees. It's just a thing. And if wearing them is wrong, I don't want to be right.

A poncho is like a coat. You could be wearing a tshirt under that poncho and no one knows or cares because all the style is done for you in what's on top. This one has a little Aztec print on it and it has all the western vibes.

It isn't as fabulous as the swing coat that Beth Dutton wore in season three of Yellowstone, which has the same feel as a poncho, but I enjoy it.

You can see a look alike here:

So, I say, let the haters hate. I'm going to keep on wearing ponchos as long as I wanna.

I'll leave you with a little Willie, a little Merle and a little Rip.

I should have called this the buckle bunny. 😂 #yellowstonetv

Everyone on the planet has a cozy cardigan. I am here to tell you that this year, you're going to want one in a cowboy print.

Don't worry, you don't have to spend a fortune on a cardigan. You can thrift, you can find one at your local boutique or you can break down and purchase one on Amazon. Boo. (#buyamerican) I recommend option one.

This cardigan I found at Goodwill. Yup, and I thrifted the belt at my local thrift store which is a GEM for all things. If you ever want to weed through the sea of clothes that is Goodwill, etc. I'm you're Huckleberry. I will find you the diamonds in the rough.

The belt is real and I'm sure some old cowboy kicked it and now I'm wearing his belt. :) Makes a good story. Sounds like it could be a Yellowstone episode.

Thank you old cowboy!

Be warm, be cozy, buy the cardigan.

This suede jacket is one of my favorite things to wear in the fall. I absolutely love suede. There's something just so comforting about it. Unlike the harshness of regular leather, suede is relaxed, soft and was made for fall weather.

My family used to have a Palomino. There's something about wearing this light colored suede that reminds me of Palominos- the gold coat, white hair. Surely it feels like snuggling up to one. Occasionally, you'll catch a glimpse of one on Yellowstone.

I have another jacket similar to this one in cognac, which is another color I love for fall. Back in 2001, I owned a pair of bootcut cognac cords from J.Crew which I loved. I wore them weekly on rotation at one of my first jobs out of college. The job was miserable but I think it had a purpose in my life. One, I learned how to problem solve. Two, it expanded my technical skills. Three, to never settle on a job I didn't love.

I truly love what I do now. I've gotten to be a wife and mother. I've gotten to raise my kids the way I wanted them raised. And now, on the daily, I get to use my creativity and the other skills I've acquired in my past life to make things beautiful.

And while I don't get to live out on these beautiful country pastures, I do have horses across the street. So that will have to be my Palomino...for now.

Here's to expanding on what things you've learned to create new avenues for your future!

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