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Velvet never goes out of style. Sure it can look dated on some garmets but it's as timeless as tinsel on a tree.

I am currently crushing on velvet blazers, especially ones in bold, beautiful color.

I partnered this blazer with some statement boots with all the boho vibes with the embroidery.

Some deep red accessories, a little pop of turquoise and you have a merry little holiday look.

Merry Christmas!

I know many of you don't like to get super fancy (which I don't understand at all). I pretty much live for the flamboyant. I guess it's part of my self expression or something.

But if you don't. Here is an outfit that takes a very fancy skirt (full of sequins) and tones it right down.

I paired it with cowboy boots, a simple tee and jean jacket. But I left on a sparkly necklace on top that helps balance the skirt. Without it, your eye is only drawn to the skirt.

Here's a close up.

This outfit is comfortable enough to wear all day long. Christmas day perhaps?

Want to stick to leggings for the holidays?

Here's a way to be as cozy as possible but look fancy.

First, start with leggings with some texture. Velvet is my go to and these leggings have a fun little pattern that adds even more visual interest when paired with a big pattern in the scarf.

I know many of you have scarfs in your closet you aren't sure what to do with now. You can easily wear them as a cape like this! Unfold them and throw around your shoulders. Secure with a fun belt and it's a new top!

The EASIEST way to dress up an outfit is to not ignore accessories. Throw on some statement bracelets, a necklace, earrings- you know me, more is more. And you are instantly fancier!

Don't forget an awesome pair of boots. I love this fringe!

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