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4 Rules of Fashion

I’m not sure where I remember hearing these first.  It could have been one of my favorite shows (What Not to Wear, of course!) or perhaps in a magazine.  But these four rules will help you put any outfit together and help “idiot proof” your style. Four Basic Fashion Rules The following help build an outfit: 1) Color 2) Texture 3) Pattern 4) Shine If your outfit has one or all four of these basic rules, it is going to help create visual interest. For an example of a model wearing all four, here’s a picture from the Loft-

She has color in her corduroys and belt, texture in the fur collar and cabling of the sweater vest, pattern in the shirt and fur and shine in her shoes and jewelry. You definitely do not have to have all four in one outfit like this, but you should try for at least one. I find that us Midwestern women tend to overlook number three, for whatever reason.  Maybe it’s because so many of us had hated 80s prints that we vowed never to be caught dead in them again when the 90s black and tan minimalism rolled around.  That combined with how hard it is to find patterns that you like.  Do some web browsing right now at your favorite store and you’ll see how many plain shirts you will see.  They are just easier to find and easier to buy.  When you pick up a basic black t-shirt, you know the countless ways you can use it.  But a printed blouse?  A little harder. My focus lately is to try and buy more prints. They just expand your wardrobe.  Now you can take all of those basic colored items you already own and make a visual stimulating outfit.  You will instantly look more pulled together. This goes for accessories too.  How many solid colored scarves do you own?  I bet more than the printed ones?  What about coats?  I bet you have black or red or white, but do you have tweed?  Do you have an orange one? Think of clothing in new ways to help expand what you already own.  And use these four rules to broaden your mind when it comes to your wardrobe. It isn’t as hard as it looks! p.s.  Tune in tomorrow for the start of 25 days of Christmas!


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