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A Couple of Shenanigans

Okay, so the snow officially “hit” here and I’m trying to put our fixer upper house projects on hold through the holidays.  I’ll still post more updates as there is still a bunch to show you completed but, for now, our work has stalled.  We need a holiday, literally.

Meanwhile I did a Christmas tree for our town’s Christmas tree festival and the theme this year was All Around the World.  Instead of doing a big tree this year, I thought I’d keep it simple and do a vignette. So here is my door and desk with a typewriter dressed up for Christmas.  Style from the Sticks is supposed to be writing Christmas cards which get sent all around the world.  Get it?


Another item I don’t want to forget to mention is a little movie roll I recently had. I played the ditsy blonde in a movie that was made in my town. I’m always typecast. 🙂 I had a really small part but I had a good time doing it and meeting new people. Here I am before the premier. The best part is that three of my kids got to be extras and I know they were excited about that.


Oh, and I’ll be out Black Friday shopping again this year.  If you’re out, live tweet with me! @stylefmthestixs

I am also hoping to get a little holiday tour of my house up later in the season.  We’ll see how fast I can put things together!

Have a happy thanksgiving!


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