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A Little Bit of Sunshine

My last swimsuit to feature is one of my favorite colors this year...yellow. We can all use a little bit more yellow in our lives right now. It's happy, it's fresh, it's upbeat. It's the color of sunshine and being outside getting your vitamin D is a must.

This suit has lots of good lines. And it's a totally easy wear. Slap it on and your out the door. More time for fun, less time for worries. I love it's tropical print. It makes me feel like I'm in Hawaii. Some day that's going to happen for me!

I added in another little yellow scarf so I'm not worried about too much cheek showin.

And that's a wrap folks! I hope you enjoyed this extremely fun but nerve racking photo shoot and it's given you some ideas on how to get in the darn suit and have some fun already- in something festive!

Many thanks to my hometown aquatic center. You are my happy place and I'm so grateful to have you!


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