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A Little Painting

Spring is in the air and the weather has been glorious!  Of course, I broke out my paint brush in celebration!

Here’s just a quick little project I did and blast, I can never remember to take before photos! I’m always in too big a hurry to get to the final look!

This little doohickey I picked up at a local shop.  I can’t even tell you what it’s supposed to be but I saw its potential.  It could hold plates or something flat or even a plant.  Maybe that’s what it was created to do.  Anyone know?  I can’t wait to fill this basket up with Easter eggs!

The After

The After

It was a very yucky old brass color and I took it outside and gave it a lovely new oil-rubbed bronze color.  I love it so much.  Whatever it is.

More paint projects coming to a post near you!


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