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A Soft Place to Lay My Head

The master bedroom when we bought our new house was done in a dark sage green with a purple border and dark purple curtains on the windows.  And while the color of the walls wasn’t terrible, it isn’t a color I had always dreamt of.  I’d love to show you the befores but all I have is with the previous owners items in it, so you’ll have to use your imagination. I chose to paint this room a light grey simply because I’ve always wanted to do a bedroom in mainly whites.  And now is my chance.  Here’s an inspiring photo-

(Image courtesy of Houzz via Pinterest)

So down came the border, off came the curtains and I’ve been busy painting away.  This time in Benjamin Moore’s Cumulus Cloud-

And here are the results-

(yes that is a big pile of trim you see on the floor, more on that in a future post)


I also bought a comforter this weekend so we’ll see how I like it.  Now I’ll have a new place in a soft color to lay my head!  FYI, your bedding can really make or break a room! I’ll leave you today with a few more inspiring images!

(Image courtesy of via Pinterest)

(Image courtesy of BHG via Pinterest)


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