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A Visit to Church

Since it is Sunday, I thought I’d share something else I’ve been slowly working on…painting my church.

The interior of my church hasn’t been updated in a very long time.  It was built in the 60s and contains every decade since of decor.  While my church family is more like family to me, the feeling the church gives is very different.  It reads…neglect.

So I’ve been on a mission to make a few homier changes.  And one of those is my favorite. Paint!  I’ve done murals upstairs in the Sunday school and, along with the help of my painting fairies, have also changed each room to a bright and vibrant color for the kids.

My most recent projects have been on the main floor.  The entryway was painted a very cold blue, the adjoining room was a sad dusty rose color and then the fellowship hall was all white.  I thought it needed a little upgrade.

So with the approval of the other members of my church council, I started first with a phone call to none other than Pottery Barn.  I explained that I was looking for a pretty greige color that would be warm and inviting (beige) but not too warm (grey) because all of the woodwork in our church is that old birch wood, very orange in nature.  The salesperson gave me a few suggestions and then it was off to Sherwin Williams (I mentioned to you all that Pottery Barn is no longer working with Benjamin Moore.  It saddens me a little…)

The saleswoman at Sherwin Williams was top-notch.  She knew exactly my dilemma and with the help of a wood strip, we found the paint swatches that Pottery Barn recommended and matched them to the orange wood tones.

So I began painting.  I painted an accent wall in the kitchen where our mission statement went and I chose a medium greige.  Then I painted the entryway and the hallway upstairs a light greige so it is light and welcoming.  And my last project, was to paint our Bible study room.  And of this, I have pictures!

I painted this room the darkest for more drama and to feel cozy and homey.  All three colors were from the same paint strip so that they would flow.

Oh, and I should mention that the carpet is so wrong.  But I’m hoping that will be changed in the near future…


Dusty Rose Before



Medium Dark Greige After

And that’s your visit to my church!


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