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Around the House

Who wants to see a few little medleys around my house this week?

I’ve been busy, as per usual.  I’m working on switching closets and its a FULLtime job around here.  I’m a little jealous of people who experience no seasonal changes.  Just when you wash and put the snowpants away, they come right back out.  I think my boys’ coats are going straight in the garbage.  No one is going to use these coats that have already seen two tough winters.  There is dirt that can’t be identified on these coats.

But to not have to pack away any of that!  Totally jealous right now.

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the journey of switching closets.  I wish I could say I had a great system for this.  But that would involve installing a dumb-waiter in our home to haul totes up and down from the basement.  Now that would be slick.

Why does this process take so long?  Kids keep growing.  Last season’s summer things are too small.  So I have to find the next size up.  And then I have to pack away the previous size.  And then I have to save at least one size in-between for hand-me-downs for the next child.  That’s just the clothes.  Then there are shoes, coats, hats, cleats, etc. Take this process times three.  Sound exhausting?  It is.

As I am busy putting the house through turmoil, I’ll divert you from all of that with projects!

For a little preview of projects to come-

Table Makeover

Table Makeover

I’ll be detailing the before and afters of this little project tomorrow!

Until then you can find me up to my eyeballs in clothing!


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