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B List, Well Maybe

You know those movies.  The ones that aren’t exactly A list or Oscar worthy (well, a few of these are actually).  But you watch them just for the clothes.  Okay, maybe only I do this, but there are a few that I really love that if you haven’t seen, you need to check out.  And purely for the outfits.  Here they are, the top ten fashion movies of all time (and none of them are about fashion!): 10 When A Man Loves A Woman. This is totally Meg Ryan 1990s. But oh how cute she is in her baggie pants back when everyone work Doc Martens and ugly men’s clothing. She was totally the Annie Hall of the 90s.

9) Forrest Gump. Spanning several decades of style, Robyn Wright looks spectacular in all of them. Love especially the hippie clothes of all white.

8) The Holiday. Cameron Diaz shows us all how to look sexy in the middle of winter.

7) The Wedding Date. Have you ever notice that in this movie everything is color coordinated? Everything in the opening shots is a light blue, including her luggage.  Then things progress  into a teal blue. Love all the outfits in this movie as well. Most especially the golf themed bachelorette party outfits.

6) Hitch. Love Eva Mendes outfits in this movie. She shows us everyday work wear with outfits that play up her skintone.

5) Pretty Woman. We probably all know each of these outfits by heart. But this movie came out in 1990. So many of her outfits today are still classic. Who wouldn’t wear her opera dress right now if they needed one?

4) The Thomas Crown Affair. Rene Russo is perfect in every scene, stealing the show with her every changing style!

3) To Catch A Thief. Grace Kelly and driving gloves. Need I say more?  Plus her gowns in this film! She was so adorable. This is an all-time classic.

2) Love Story. Ali McGraw made white jeans cool LONG before her time. And also brought us boho chic long before its time. Love her crocheted hat. The dialog in this movie also makes it worthwhile. And the movie is very similar to the book!

1)  Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  No, it is not a cliche.  Not only was I watching this movie long before there was ever a really bad song about it (“I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s, she said I think I remember the film”-terrible) but I feel like I discovered Audrey Hepburn.  I loved her before there were t-shirts with her smoking her cigarette on them and every fashion magazine in the world comparing her mod style with every new starlet who tried to copy her.  But I digress.  The outfits in this movie (and pretty much every Audrey Hepburn associated movie) would still be in style today.  Love her party dress.  Love her mask and earplugs.  Love her coat and fur hat.  Love, love, love.  If this doesn’t impress you, try pairing her and Cary Grant (another all time fav in Charade).  You will love her and her style all the more.

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Honorable Mentions: Barefoot in the Park Working Girl When In Rome Shallow Hal What Women Want Just Married 27 Dresses No Reservations Unfaithful Rumor Has It Moonstruck If you haven’t seen all of the above movies, take some time to rent them.  I’m sure I’ve forgotten some that I love, but this will get you started.  Get some fashion ideas!


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