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Back in the Saddle

I’ll admit, I’m not the world’s most talented interior designer.  I do enjoy the challenge.  But I do feel very comfortable talking fashion.  And so here I am, back in the saddle again.

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These past few months have meant a near fashion hiatus from me.  If you’ve happened upon me lately, you’ll have been pretty disappointed to see the same old sweats and t-shirt.  But I’ve been hard at it!  Painting and packing and moving boxes is hard to do and look respectable. It has been interesting how much of my creative spirit has gotten sucked dry by all this house work.  But I’m feeling a resurgence of my old self. Tomorrow I’m going to start a series on how to feel stylish in the summer when you have the heat and sweat to deal with, kids to entertain and all kinds of activities going on. I hope if you’ve been busy, together we can get back in the saddle again.


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