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Basement Curtain Solution

It is back to reality now that it is midweek.

I’ve been busy at home since I pretty much couldn’t go anywhere else.  So for the last few days this week, I thought I’d share some of the creating I’ve done (this mind never sits still).

For today, it’s a little project I did in the basement.  I’ve had these curtains that I’ve been wanting to hang for a while now.  They aren’t actually for a window but because I have a big blank wall down there that I wanted to cover (and make look like there are more windows). But hanging curtain rods wasn’t something I was willing to do.  My solution?  Using old pinch-pleat curtain hooks to attach to both the curtain and the drop ceiling track.

Here’s what it looks like-

Basement curtain solution

Pinch-pleat hooks; Curtain hangers

And here is the final product-

Curtains Hung

Curtains Hung

So here is the before-

Empty Room

Empty Room

And here’s the after-

Curtains with Couch

Curtains with Couch

I have some work yet to do on these so that my kids leave them alone.  🙂  I need to figure a way to keep them attached to the hook.  Perhaps a small piece of cork…?  But for now, they are up!


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